Dancing With Suzanne ~Central Florida Line Dancing~    
  SUZANNE'S DANCES - Choreographed by Suzanne Wilson
All About It
Pass Me A Cold One (VIDEO)
Holidays In The Bayou (VIDEO)
No Matter What You Do (VIDEO)
Heads Up, Ho Down (VIDEO)
Beer Gut   
Boom Boom Pow    (VIDEO)
Everybody's Rockin    (VIDEO)
Marry For Money    (VIDEO)
Mirrored Heaven    (VIDEO)
Country As Can Be    (VIDEO)
Chicken Fried
The More I Drink
Little Bit Of Loco
We Like It Loud
Easy Hick Chicks
Biker Chick   (VIDEO)
Me & My Gang   (VIDEO)
Switcharoonie   (VIDEO)
Set Me On Fire   (VIDEO)
Redneck Woman   (VIDEO)


APOLOGIES - this page is very out of date:

MARCH 2015 - Open Dance Favorites:

(Click on dance for stepsheet)

Sun Daze, I'm In Love With You, I Run To You, Fireball, Uptown Funk, Summertime Strolling, Old Beach Rollercoaster, Booty Voodoo, Going Hamm, We Are Tonight, All Night!!!!, Lonely Eyes, I Want Crazy,Shake That Bass, I Don't Want Tonight,Drink In My Hand,

We're working on: Go Go Go Go, Ain't Wot You Do, In the Basement, Lifehouse, Somethin' Bout a Truck


THE DANCES BELOW ARE FROM THE PAST, leaving here for reference.

Rolling In The Deep: VIDEO
My Motivation: VIDEO
Big Bang: VIDEO
Party Freak: VIDEO
Alabama Slammin: VIDEO
I'm No Good: VIDEO
Somewhere With You: VIDEO
Country Girl Shake: VIDEO
Hey Soul Sister: VIDEO
Run To You: by Rachael McEnaney VIDEO
Hands Up: to "Songs for Lovers" by Whitney Houston VIDEO
Quarter After One: by Levi J. Hubbard -
Cadillacs & Cavier: by Sue Ann Ehmann - VIDEO
Askin Questions: by Larry Bass - VIDEO
Sugar Kane by Coral Tucker
     (danced to "It Happens" by Sugarland) VIDEO
In Disturbia by Gitte Stehr
SAVE A HORSE - Ride 'Em Cowboy by Kathy G
Chill Factor by Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead     VIDEO
Walk The Line by Sandi Larkins     VIDEO

Switchblade to Michael Jackson "Blood On Dance Floor" - VIDEO
After Party by Maurice Rowe (danced to "Superstar"!)
Gotta Get Her by Seth Lilly - VIDEO
Country As Can Be by Suzanne Wilson
Nothing Better To Do - (Knock 'Em Back) by Kathy Brown
Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdams     VIDEO
Easy Hick Chicks by Suzanne Wilson
Tequila by Maggie Gallagher     VIDEO
Zjozzy's Funk by Petra van der Velden     VIDEO
Now or Never by Kathy Hunyadi     VIDEO
Doing Fine by John Dembiec (danced to "Wrapped" by George Strait)
Simplemente by Kate Sala    VIDEO
Cupid Shuffle by Dj Cupid     VIDEO
Coaster Time (to "Monkey Around" and "Country Man")
Go With Me by Helen Born & Nita Lindley     VIDEO
Coffee (dance name = DHHS)     VIDEO
Batter Up! by John Robinson
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree by Paula Bilby
Soft & Slow
Bosa Nova
No Name Dance to Boondocks (Local Dance very similar to Honky Tonk Stomp)
Soft & Slow
Bosa Nova
Urban Beat (Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me) Jeff Joslin
Suds In The Bucket (Suds In The Bucket) Yvonne Anderson
The Richocet Waltz (Stars On The Water) Kip Sweeney
Alabao by Palmer/Cox
Swamp Thing by Max Perry     VIDEO